Kids Riding Club–The purpose of this program is to have a fun, social outlet for area kids to get to know each other & spend some time with a horse.

The Liberty Horse Program provides the opportunity for individuals to spend time one-on-one with one of our equine ambassadors in a variety of activities from grooming and socializing, to an activity course and riding.

While safety is practiced, the goal is not to “learn to ride” but to experience a giving and trusting relationship built on mutual respect and communication. By using the Equine Ambassadors as a sort of mirror of the soul, growth and healing is able to flourish without the restraint of feeling judged or looked down upon. A horse has no preconceived notion of who you should be, they only seek to find comfort, safety and trust in their human partner.

Hannah’s Hope is a program centered around canines who need a little help to have a second chance at adoption, or in some cases provide a long term home for those that need a peaceful place to live out their lives.

The Black and Tabby Inn offers a second chance for our feline residents. Many of these felines are older, and just need a place to live out their lives.

Neshamah Sanctuary – A program that offers lifetime loving care and support for any animal who must remain at HHFS for life, regardless of how long that may be.