HHFS is a registered 501 c3 charity that relies on entirely donations from the community to care for the more than 200 animals that live at the sanctuary. HHFS has no paid staff, animals are cared for by HHFS founder Amy Vyskocil, and a small group of dedicated volunteers.

All donations to HHFS go directly to providing care for the approximately 40 horses, 10 dogs, 50 cats, two dozen fowl, three lamas and seven goats. that call HHFS home.  All of the HHFS residents were rescued from desperate and last chance situations, including feedlots destined for slaughter. Some are adoptable, some are long term residents due to age, behavior, or medical problems that prevent them from finding homes.

  • Donate
    • Online through Paypal
    • Send a check to 67500 E. County Road 34, Byers, Co 8
    • Your car – via Cars for a Cause.
    • Your time and talents – HHFS is always in need of volunteers. We host several volunteer events when the weather is favorable for specific projects, and welcome groups looking to make an impact. Virtual volunteers are also welcome. Visit our Volunteer Page for more information.
    • Sponsor An Animal – Sponsor a HHFS resident by donating just a few dollars a month. You’d be surprised at how far $20 can go. Sponsorships also make great gifts. You can see our sponsorable and adoptable pets by visiting us on petfinder.
    • Donating need items from our WISH LIST
      • Dog food – HHFS accepts most any type of dog food, but we prefer Pro Plan Sport or Purina Dog Chow.
      • Cat food – Because cats have more sensitive stomachs, we have to be a little more specific here! (Dry) Authority Indoor, Pro Plan Indoor, Pro Plan Sensitive Systems, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Blue Buffalo Duck, Science Diet Indoor Mature adult (Blue on the bag), Science Diet Indoor Adult  1-7 years (burgundy on bag), (Wet) Friskies, 4Health (Tractor Supply), Priority in large cans (Safeway brand), Fancy Feast  any flavors!
      • Comforters/dog beds/cat beds, useable towels.
      • Cleaning Supplies – Paper towels, bleach, vinegar, Pinesol, 409, Keep Off! Spray (Farnam), Feliway diffusers, L-Lysine, Fizzion.
      • Lumber – all shapes and sizes! Posts, poles, logs, 2×4’s, 2×6, 4×4, 6×6 etc., Railroad ties, plywood, and particle board in useable condition.
      • Fencing – wood panels, chain link, hot wire, livestock panels, wire, wood rail, etc.
      • Hardware – nails, screws, bolts, lag screws, deck screws, heavy duty nails, stones, rocks, pavers, fill dirt, pea gravel, sand.
      • Horses Stuff – Barrels, construction cones, PVC pipe,  pinwheels, flags, tarps, small galvanized pails, jolly balls, large horse activity ball, horse scratchers, recycled street sweeper brushes, horse walker (working or not), baby pools, hula hoops (varying sizes), headstalls, natural horsemanship leads, rainbow reins, side pulls/bitless bridles, saddle pads, saddle racks (3), bridle rack, leather latigos, leather billet straps, neoprene girths (30 inch or 1 in 36), grooming tools, harness for Draft, horse or mini, cart for Draft, horse or mini.
      • Perishables – Hay, grain, horse treats, Equine senior feed, Fat supplements (fat in a bag, amplify, etc)
      • Cats and Dogs Stuff – Kitty Litter, toys, cat trees/towers, scratchers, Dog leashes, tennis balls, rope toys, tug toys.
      • Items for first aid – Band-aids, Neosporin, gauze, ace wraps, ice packs that cool when you squeeze them, etc.
      • For current and future projects: horse activity pen, fenced dog training area with agility course, tack room, arena, memorial garden, GROW garden, greenhouse. If you think you have something that we could use or repurpose, even if it isn’t listed here, please let us know!