The purpose of Kids Club is to have a fun, social outlet for area kids to get to know each other & spend some time with a horse. There will be some basic, age appropriate riding instruction for safety, and kids will be encouraged to increase their skill level, but if you are looking for structured riding lessons, this is not it!

For September thru October 2016 we will be having sessions on Saturdays. (No rides on October 1st, but come out for our Volunteer day!)

What you need to do to start:

  1. Read our Rules.
  2. Fill out a Liability Release Form.
  3. Fill out and email the Sign Up Form.   Signing up MUST be done by the Friday before the Ride, but EARLY sign ups are highly Encouraged!

Children 10 and up to include adults

Cost: $10

Participants will learn how to communicate with a horse in a way to control the different parts of the body to encourage the horse to negotiate various obstacles such as a wood bridge, barrels, swim noodle drape, tarps both on the ground and suspended, and water. Obstacles will get progressively harder as horse and handler progress. This class is strictly a ground work class – no riding.

Basic Handling, Care, & Grooming
Any age, adults included

Cost: $10

Participants will gain knowledge on how to safely approach a loose horse, catch, halter, lead, groom and saddle. Participants will learn the major parts of the horse and related tack.

Children 2-6 years old.

Cost: $10

Participants will start getting comfortable with being on a horse and gain confidence while playing games. All Participants are on a leadline at all times and generally there are adult assistants throughout the arena if needed.

Children 7 & up that are new to horses or struggle with confidence.

Cost: $10

Participants will begin learning the basics of directing their horse for different tasks from the saddle while still on a leadline with a coach

Children 7 & up

Cost: $10

Riders who are comfortable working off lead. Participants will begin learning how to control the different parts of their horse to accomplish different tasks. As with our other classes, lessons are learned through a variety of games and tasks rather than rail and flat work. BOOTS REQUIRED

Hill Riders
LIMIT: 5 Some restrictions apply

Cost: $25

Beginners class . Learn the basics of communication from the saddle and make new friends! BOOTS REQUIRED