HHFS was founded in 2009 by Amy Vyskocil, to provide a safe place for individuals, both human and animal, to find love, compassion, healing, and confidence. 

Happy Haven Farm and Sanctuary (HHFS) is a dual purpose non-profit, serving as both an animal centered healing ranch and full time sanctuary for a number of unwanted animals deemed “unadoptable” by other rescues for a variety of reasons.

About Happy Haven Farm & Sanctuary

HHFS offers the opportunity for children, military members and families to spend time with the various animals in a variety of ways.  Liberty Horse is our biggest program and pairs participants with a horse to groom, saddle, ride, or do a variety of ground activities.  Our program is very open and fluid to meet the individual needs of our clients.  The atmosphere of the ranch encourages healing and connectivity between the animals and clients and clients with each other.

HHFS does not charge for its animal-centered healing programs to ensure than anyone needing healing or just a chance to catch their breath, has that opportunity. Aside from occasional adoption fees,  HHFS is completely funded through donations.

About Neshamah Animal Sanctuary

HHFS takes animals from area shelters that are deemed unadoptable for a variety of reason, predominantly behavior or medical, and offers them a second chance at life.  The sanctuary animals are a vital part of our healing program as oftentimes a shared “brokenness” helps facilitate growth and healing in both parties.  On occasion, some animals may become available for adoption to appropriate homes. Learn more on our [put Programs link here]

A copy of our 501.C.3 paperwork is available via email request.   Our exempt status can be verified at http://www.irs.gov/app/pub-78/ or by calling 1-877-829-5500 under HearthFire Enterprises, Inc. dba Happy Haven Farm & Sanctuary    EIN 27-0502822, www.guidestar.org


Where It Began

Back in the 90s when science was just starting to give credence to what Amy had always known about the gift of healing animals can provide physically, mentally and emotionally, Amy had a coworker with a daughter who struggled with significant physical and mental disabilities.  Not to be held back, this gal snow and water skied, played soccer and wanted very much to ride a horse, but the cost of area therapy ranches was just too much for her family to fund.  Amy offered her one and only Sierra Wind , a high stung, quick moving, smart as a whip Arabian/thoroughbred cross mare.  Around the girl, Sierra transformed into a quiet, cautious mount, always doing her best to stay under the girls’ unsteady balance.

The transformation in the girl was amazing – aside from the physical improvements in coordination and balance, her communication skills and confidence also grew by leaps and bounds.  Seeing what her little horse could do for one little girl, Amy’s desire to start a healing ranch was born.

In 2003, she and her husband, Dan, moved to Wiggins, Colorado and the path to HHFS began. Beginning with children of coworkers and friends, it became clear that just being around ALL of the animals at the “farm” had a calming effect, encouraged communication, and increased confidence and Happy Haven Farm was born.

In 2007, Amy and Dan moved to Byers in a blizzard on Christmas Eve.  Looking forward to going forward with plans for the new Liberty Horse Program, the future looked bright.  But on March 18, 2008, their world would be changed forever, shattered by a devastating house fire that claimed the lives of their entire furry family.  Amy had always had a heart for the lost and broken and had a habit of taking in stray and rescue animals and making them family.  The loss of 5 dogs,  8 cats (two of which she’d had since high school and one that was Dan and Amy’s wedding gift to each other for their wedding – even going on their honeymoon with them!), 3 ferrets and a rabbit was almost more than Amy could bear, but it would set her on a path she never imagined.  Sorting through the wreckage, all but one of the animals was found and it was believed by the fire department that he must have escaped.  Amy posted flyers and ads on every post and bulletin board for miles, and scoured area shelters, hoping to find her missing baby.  But while she searched she found animal after animal with the same loss of hope reflected in her own eyes.  A cat with a cold that would be euthanized for a sneeze he caught from being in a shelter, another too terrified to cope.  When one cat she thought might be Rook turned out not to be, she wanted to adopt the look alike and was denied – he was too mean.  Unwilling to take no for an answer, she fought tooth and nail for weeks, signing waiver after waiver to save the life of the cat and  eventually won out.  When she brought him home to the trailer they were living in, he was a totally different cat – a gentle, affectionate soul who just hadn’t been able to cope in the shelter.

The first dog they adopted turned out to have cancer at his free vet exam – when she called the shelter she was told they would euthanize him and she could pick another.  Another unacceptable answer in her world. (Chase is alive and well, by the way!) And so “Sanctuary” was added to the name, and the ranch became a safe place for animals in shelters with no possible option of adoption to go.

God always has a plan – Amy could never have imagined how much healing would come from wounded and struggling souls finding each other on a little plot of dirt in her backyard!

At present, Liberty Horse is our most developed animal centered healing program while the feline and canine programs are more concentrated on rescue and rehabilitation, however guests are more than welcome to interact with all the animals at HHFS.